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Introduction to Ayahuasca | a journey guide
Ayahuasca (Vine of the Soul)

Ayahuasca, is also called Hoasca, Yage/Yaje, Santo Daime or just Daime. It is a tea used for religious ceremonies to assist in lifting the veil between the spiritual and material worlds. It is at once a powerful spiritual awakening, a remarkable physical healing and a deep emotional transformation. Ayahuasca is not for everyone. Yet there are some who consider it the most tangible spiritual doorway available today.  more introduction

South American Ayahuasca Traditions | Amazonian Ayahuasca Traditions
Ayahuasca Traditions

The Traditions of Ayahuasca are quite varied in their ceremonies and also the social culture which surrounds them. Some indigenous traditions, like Peruvian Shapibo and Columbian Kofan go back thousands of years and some newer schools, like the Brazilian Santo Daime, originated as recently as the 1930’s. All offer a glimpse; a passage through a timeless doorway into a vast universe both utterly unknown and yet oddly familiar. A deep memory of our true destiny. more traditions

Ayahuasca Schedule of Retreats, Ceremonies and Events Worldwide

Ayahuasca retreats are offered in many places throughout South America, Central and North America, Europe and Asia. Native to the Amazonian countries of South America (Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador), ceremonies and retreats are held often throughout the area. In North America, many ceremonies and retreats are now being held. In 2008, a landmark legal case in Oregon established Ayahuasca as legal for import and consumption under religious freedom. This precedent has increased interest and attention.  more retreats

Ayahuasca Schedule of Retreats, Ceremonies and Events Worldwide